Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New etsy list...

I added this painting to etsy today- I think it is one of my favorite peanut chair paintings, I really like the aqua-color and the spikes!

It was Mike's mom's bday on Monday and we ordered her a present from etsy. This beautiful necklace,

from etsy seller, beadsinthebelfry. I love this necklace!

fun fun weekend!

I had a great weekend- 3 exciting art things..
-I sold two prints to one of Mike's friends who gave them to her sister! Now my prints are living in Seattle!
-Nichol ( bought my mini set of peanut paintings!
-3 of my paintings are displayed at Sweet Hickory!

And then my mom and Ben were here all weekend and we had a blast. We played Masterpiece, which is very fun with four people. We ate a lot of good food, I made them lentil quesadillas and brownie sundaes. We ate at Bistro et Crepes, yum. We ate at White Castle, yuck, but Ben wanted to go, those little hamburgers are gross and weird. We ate at Snow Lion and got treats from Blu Boy. My mom and Ben and I went thrift shopping all day Saturday and we all found a few good things. I found chartreuse pumps, black shorts, a stripey tank top and a crazy jacket. Ben found the most deals with like a hundred button-up shirts and ties. Here is a picture of us wearing some of our new things.

This week it is back to adding things to etsy and job searching!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Monday

I had a good weekend! It was super lazy, but good.
First.. 3 of my paintings are going to be at Sweet Hickory- a super cute, art and music shop downtown. They will be on display for their opening next Saturday!
Second.. I was supposed to have my "job training" on Saturday, but it was cancelled so I went thrift store shopping. I bought a hot pink cashmere cardigan, black shorts and....

Masterpiece, the Art Auction game!! I had this game when I was little and it IS just as fun as I remembered! Mike and I played last night, however it would be better with more than 2 people, it would make the auctions a little more exciting.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yay! It is a beautiful day! I am even wearing shorts!
Also- I started a new painting, I am excited about it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New can phone painting!

I just finished this painting today- it is customizable! The string connecting the paintings can be adjusted. I love love love the marigold colored wall, and it is shiny! I also have a thing for ruffly socks and even bought some for myself, although I only wear them with jeans so no one ever sees them- but one time one of my previous co-workers saw them and made fun of me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am a giant!

Not really. But I took a picture of my "art cart" with the 18-200 lens and it looks tiny! Those are the 3 paintings I am currently working on. They really just need the tiny finishing details and then they will be done.

The top painting has a beautiful shiny metallic marigold color on the walls- I think it is my new favorite color.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another post! Mom's house tour.

I still have some pictures from my mom's house that I didn't post. This is a clock that Mike and I gave to my mom for her birthday. We had been to a craft fair in Bloomington and really liked the clocks and wood sculptures at Joe Henderson's booth, and later went to his house/studio and purchased this clock, along with a clock for Mike's mom for Christmas, and a larger clock for Mike's sister's wedding gift. I love the style of the clock, it is adjustable and so fun. They come in many different wood types, clock face styles and sizes. I want to get one for myself too!


I cannot believe it is already April and it's almost May! I am so happy about it though, I love Spring! Yesterday Mike and I walked downtown for dinner and on the way back stopped for ice cream and it was so nice, I am totally looking forward to summer. I love sunny weather and going on walks. Unfortunately rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week- booo.
This has been a weird week of job searching and doing not fun things, resume writing, portfolio making, interviewing. Not much art making, although I still have my small stack of 3 nearly finished paintings, I have been feeling uninspired. I heard from artomat yesterday, I had emailed and checked in to see how my supply was going, they are almost out again, so that is exciting and even more exciting is where my art is! Some of my art is in the artomat machine at the Chambers Hotel in Minneapolis. I have never been to Minneapolis, but I think I would like it, and that hotel seems especially awesome. In traveling news, Mike is taking me for a trip for my Bday! My birthday isn't until June, but last week he ordered tickets to see a Chicago Fire v. DC United game in Chicago! I haven't been to Chicago- the whole midwest thing is still new to me and I am so excited. I think I will cheer for Chicago even though I lived semi-close to DC in college.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Shoes!

Yesterday I had a job interview, and luckily I got lost on the way and ended up in cute downtown Mitchell, Indiana. They have an awesome thrift store called ReGeneration, and I found these amazing shoes for $1!! And a few other things!!

Mike thinks it is disgusting that I would wear used shoes, but whatever. I sprayed them down with lysol and it is recycling!

Here is my new peanut shirt creation. It is a little too big for me, so I think I might list it on etsy. There are 3 peanuts on the front and 2 on the back.

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