Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New mini-painting

This painting is VERY mini- only 3 inches! It is cute. I listed it to etsy this morning. I have made a ton of them and Mike is very nicely taking pictures of them for me in the light box he made.

I am 6 months into my new year resolutions! So here are the updates...
Draw more- I have sort of been doing this. I have a lot more ideas in my head that I haven't put on paper yet so I need to get it together!
Start new cardboard canvas painting series (have started sketching ideas!)- There are cardboard paintings all over my house!!
Start working on small scale sculptures- I haven't done much with the sculpting, although I just starting to make Christmas trees out of cardboard for holiday decorations. I still have a 5 lb bag of peanuts in the laundry room! Yikes!
Continue with embroidery- I starting making a pillow for the couch with a pair of old jeans and it will have a little embroidery on it.
Actually open an etsy store and stop being a baby about it- Yes! I have done this.

Other potential resolutions:
Contribute to Wardrobe Remix?- I have been contributing semi-regularly and made a new resolution for myself. I am only going to buy thrift store clothes and stop with the Old Navy and Target clothes. I have only bought one new-new pair of shoes since before Christmas and no new-new clothes. Although I have bought plenty of new-to-me clothes from Goodwills and such. I have saved a ton of money and found some really awesome things that I could never find at Old Navy or Target or mall stores!
Take better care of hands- use more lotion, stop picking and biting nails- I have only been biting my thumb nails so the rest look pretty good. I just lotioned and painted them this morning!
Do more with blog?- blah.

Lately all I have been doing is job searching and trying to clean up the house and looking forward to my bday trip. Mike and I are leaving for Chicago on Friday! Hip-hip-hoooray! I am really, really excited about it.
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