Monday, September 24, 2007

New peanut shirt!

I made a new peanut shirt! I decided to keep the orange one. I bought this gray shirt at Goodwill and I bought a size large so I wouldn't be tempted to keep it. After I take some more pictures of it, I will put this shirt up for sale at my etsy site. I am excited!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Black hair..

Though not for long! Hopefully. I talked with my beauty specialist friend, Ginny, about what to do about this mess and she said I should wait a week and then redye my hair since my hair is in a delicate state right now. Bummer. So, I guess I will live with this for a week.


This has been a very lazy weekend. Mike and I bought season 3 of The Office, so we have pretty much been watching tv all weekend. Although yesterday we also looked around downtown at some vintage/antique stores and I dyed my hair. The dyed hair may have been a mistake. I wanted darker hair, but black is toooooo dark. Anyway, here I am working on another baby hat/bowl..

Last weekend I was getting into embroidery, I made this tampon holder...

I think that it is very funny. Mike was confused, he asked why would anyone want to have a picture of a tampon on something that holds tampons, but I think that is humor! I am weird.
In other news.. I finally got an unbroken Swedish Horse lamp from Urban Outfitters! After receiving 3 broken lamps in the mail, I finally got a good one! I went to return it at the store downtown and they had one at the store! So I bought it but it was certainly an experience and I will NEVER order anything from Urban Outfitters again, they do not refund shipping! What a rip. Anyway, I love the lamp. Here it is..

Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day

Today is labor day- so no work! I starting experimenting with my new gocco today. First, I drew a picture using my RISO carbon based pen...

I decided I would continue on with my peanut theme for my first printing attempts. Here are some of the finished prints...

I think the pink is my favorite. I liked the chine colle technique although it would have worked a lot better if I had measured and been more careful. Oh well- next time! I tried cleaning off the master screen with the special RISO cleaner and simple green, so hopefully I will be able to use this screen again. After I have enough stuff, I am going to open an Etsy shop. I have also been working on some knit headbands, ooh la la.
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